Challenges are creative processes that we use to design products, services and experiences that help solving critical problems that lack solutions.

The challenges are an effective way to encourage all stakeholders - public and private, big or small entities, engaged citizens - to team up and share ideas and resources. We support the best ideas to come to life and be implemented by our partners and clients, and provide opportunities for everyone with an entrepreneur spirit to make significant impact.

How do challenges work?

Through our work with our communities, we are able to identify pressing issues that need ingenious solutions. For those issues that are human-centered, we draw on the process of design thinking to guide the design teams towards innovative answers. This process involves a number of phases: 

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Each challenge follows these phases, following a set planning. Participants navigate through the design steps, and have access to resources and tools to help them understand the issue, get inspired, share insights and ideas, prototype and test the solutions.

How to participate?

Each challenges offers unique opportunities. Browse the challenge and discover how to actively contribute to the emergence of inclusive and efficient environmental policies.

If you want to partner with us or sponsor a challenge, visit our dedicated space.



The ongoing challenge for the UIA project DIAMS.

Ends on April 18th!

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Our next challenge on connected beehives... More information to come.

More info soon
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You want to work with us as part of our challenge program? Don't hesitate and get in touch.