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At a lab in the AIR, we uncover new ways to shape sustainable progress.


Policies are failing due to Poor cooperation. Silo thinking. Conflicts of objectives. Insufficient stakeholder engagement. 


Yet in the digital era people want to be informed. Express themselves. Create and build. Make an impact.

At a lab in the AIR, our communities reinvent the way we plan, build and measure progress.  We strive to create a model that will allow everyone to actively get involved by bringing together digital transformation and citizen participation in full transparency.


What we do


a lab in the AIR offers services and resources designed to help our communities and partners tackle environmental policies challenges from multiples angles.



We analyze trends, conduct benchmarks, analyze policies



We implement, test and evolve innovative solutions





We connect and engage





We provide resources and create value


Our values

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Our community is made of engineers, designers, entrepreneurs, makers, artists, committed citizens and more, who share the same core values guiding our work.

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We care


About life – the air that sustains it, the energy that enables it.

About people – who they are, what they need, what we can learn from them, but also their ability to thrive, invent and build a better place to live.

We are creative


We believe in the power of creativity – how it can solve problems, transform people and businesses, encourage talents, create energy.

We think out of the box, come up with innovative ideas, inspire people.

We are passionate, exuberant, hard working, intense, ambitious.

We are fun!

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We are curious


We are eager to learn and we love complexity.

We strive to bring coherence into our work – we always question the context and issues surrounding our projects, and look for existing initiatives that could inspire and enrich us.

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We make


We know it is important to give substance to ideas – reconcile genesis and fabrication.

This is why we favor prototyping and user-driven design processes.

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We share


We think and build collaboratively, fostering on the creativity, the insights and the commitment of our communities.

Communication is at the heart of our approach.

More about a lab in the AIR

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How we are governed


Our governance is based on an innovative structure. We are a non profit public-private cooperative with a unique governance system that is both inclusive and efficient.

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Our team


Our team reflect our work and values. Each of us is multi-skilled, with a wide range of interests, with a strong expertise backed by field experience.

Discover the team


Our story


What makes us us and where do we come from ?

Discover how our strategy and values were forged from experience, experiments and thoughtful reflections.

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Partner with us


There are many ways you can be involved in our structure, get inspired, find long sought answers, bring your unique insights and skills to our communities.

Discover how to get involved

Get in touch to discuss how we work together

You can reach as by phone on +33 (0)4 42 23 97 16 or by emailing

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