a Lab in the AIR brings together policy makers, experts, citizens, community leaders, private and public stakeholders with a common goal: work out new ways to better tackle air pollution.

An innovative

We are a non-profit public-private cooperative: 

A dedicated space

where entrepreneurs, citizens and policy makers meet to work together: 


Machines and equipment, documentation, software, bits and stuffs, dedicated team: 

A growing ecosystem

From cities to major industries, from makers to governmental institutions, from entrepreneurs to users: 



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Our values

Our community is made up of engineers, designers, entrepreneurs, makers, artists, engaged citizens, and more, who share core values that guide our work

About life - the air that sustains it, the energy that enables it.

About people - what they are, what they need, what we learn from them, their ability to thrive, invent and built a better place to live.

We Care

We know that it is important to give substance to ideas - reconcile genesis and fabrication.


This is why we favor prototyping and user-driven design processes.

We Make

We believe in the power of creativity - the way it can solve problems, transform people and businesses, encourage talents, create energy.

We think out of the box, come up with innovative ideas, inspire people. We are passionate, exuberant, hard working, intense, ambitious.


We are fun !

We are Creative

We think and build collaboratively, and foster on the creativity, the insights and the commitment of our communities.


Communication and exchange are at the heart of this approach.

We Share

We are curious, eager to learn, we love complexity.

We strive to bring coherence to our work - we always question our projects’ context and issues, and look for existing initiatives that can inspire and enrich us.

We want to Understand

How We Work

How we work

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The Team

a lab in Harmony